PET SITTING- In your home
Service Area:
Lancaster City, 
Lancaster Township,
Manheim Township.
Landisvile, East Petersburg

Once Upon a Dog Tail LLC  

A tale of a happy pet starts here!


What happens on our Dog Adventures?

A trained OUADT employee comes to your house and escorts your canine companion to a land of fun in our custom "dog mobile". We travel to some of our favorite Lancaster County locations where they get explore nature, frolick with canine friends and exert all that energy they have pent up (on or off leash). 

Dogs exhibit boredom by acting out (chewing furniture, barking, pesting you. digging, chewing items in the house, jumping on counters, tables, etc). Let's get them out and see if Adventures help! We are here for the dogs that want to enjoy nature and the humans who want to enjoy their dogs. We find it very rewarding to match dogs with similar personalities and see their personalities shine when we are out exploring. Life is better with friends and canines feel that way also! We are offering our Adventure services to Mannheim Township, Lancaster City and Lancaster Township clients. We have two groups available: large/medium dog group and also a small dog group.

Make sure your dog has their license! Pennsylvania State Law mandates that all dogs 3 months of age or older must be licensed. Go to: to register online. It's quick and easy!
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Pet sitting lancaster PA

Q and A's

What type of dog is this good for?

*Non-aggressive dogs who like to be around other dogs and enjoy exploring nature.

What times can my dog/s go?

*We offer morning or afternoon sessions M-F

Where will they hike?

*It depends where you live. We have various places we travel to. There are many hiking trails around Lancaster County.

How will my dog/s get there and come home?

*Your dog will be picked up in our custom dog mobile and swept away to their adventure with friends and dropped off tired and happy. 

Will my dogs be with other dogs?

*Yes. They will be screened and placed in a pack appropriate for their temperament. We specialize in finding the perfect matches!

Will my dog get dirty?

*Not always, but sometimes. We do our best to use our Rinse Kit and towels or your hose to wash off when it's an extra fun day.

How do I sign up?

*Contact us, we will go over the paperwork and meet your dog to assess if they are a good fit for the adventures.

What will my dog need?

*They will need the appropriate vaccinations: 

  1. Rabies

  2. DHLP-distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus

  3. Bordetella

    They also should be on monthly flea and tic medicine

    They must have their registration tags on and also should have a harness that fits them.