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Once Upon a Dog Tail  

A tale of a happy pet starts here!



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" I have always been connected to animals emotionally and physically. Seeing them thrive when I take care of them gives me so much joy. Each animal has their own personality and I love getting to know each and every one of them." - Cara

Cara founded Once Upon a Dog Tail in the summer of 2014. Her passion and dedication to providing premium pet care turned her vision for OUADT in to a reality...a team of like minded pet professionals committed to caring for pets on a physical and emotional level. Cara's diligence ensures that our clients pet's safety and well being is of paramount importance. Cara is experienced in handling pets with knowledge and care and is a vital source of support for all team members. She is devoted to the valued employees, ensuring that they work in a positive and fair environment. Cara is still actively involved in all areas of service as she thrives on her connection to animals.

"My pets: one ailing senior GSD, one young energetic GSD and a senior cat all love Cara! She did a great job providing individualized care to each of them while we were away. She provides great peace of mind when we leave our pets behind!"

C. Walker, Lancaster, PA


Office and Client Relations Manager

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I’m so excited to join a team that’s passionate and dedicated to animal care. I’ve loved getting to meet so many of the pets first hand, and I look forward to being a part of their care experience. ” -Laura

Laura became part of the OUADT family in July 2019. She has one very energetic Goldendoodle, and two sweet kitties. Her love of animals and administrative experience make her a great fit for her new position. With more than 15 years of experience in client and internal support, and a degree in Visual Communications, she’s enthusiastic to assist with the day to day aspects of caring for your loved ones.



Staff Relations Manager

Trainee Mentor

Dog walking and Pet sitting

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" I love spending time outdoors and indoors with excellent pets. I'm glad to be part of a wonderful team of like-minded professionals and take pride in my daily work.  " - Sarah

Sarah began working for OUADT in July 2018. She had trained horses for many years and brought patience, understanding and a level head with her - something you just can't teach. Along with her animal skills Sarah's keen eye for detail and organization made her the perfect candidate to assist management with the 'behind the scenes' tasks that keep our business running smoothly. Sarah supports our team daily and ensures that all work is completed to the high standard that we and our clients expect.

"  Thanks so much for taking such great care of our pups! I can tell from the pics that they really loved hanging out and playing with you "

H. Koch, Millersville, PA


Administrative Assistant

Dog walking and Pet sitting

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" I love having the opportunity to meet so many pets and especially appreciate when I get to see them regularly and build a relationship with them   " - Kristin

Kristin has been a part of the OUADT family since August 2016. She has six dogs of her own, varying in size from 4 lbs to 54 lbs, and is actively involved in flyball competitions. Being part of the dog community makes her a great source of knowledge for other team members. Kristin always pays close attention to the health and well being of the pets in her care and is actively involved in assisting the rest of team with their health queries. With 20+ years of customer service, and a degree in communication, Kristin is happy to also assist with administrative duties during evening and weekend hours.

" It's so awesome how you adapt to the personalities of each pet. Thank you, so much! "

E. Bowlin, East Petersburg PA


Dog walking and Pet sitting

Dog Adventures

Special Needs Visits

" Our clients pets have become my best friends; we understand, respect and love each other completely. I take pride in giving our clients fur babies the same level of love, attention and excellent care that I would expect for my own fur family. " 

- Naomi

Naomi embarked on her career with OUADT in August 2016. Already experienced in complex animal care and training she was a natural with the pets and tending to their individual needs. Naomi is a self starter who is continually educating herself, she recently completed a course with Duke University on dog emotion and cognition and is now studying pet therapeutic massage. Our client's pets and staff benefit from her knowledge and her dedication to creating positive experiences at every visit. Naomi specializes in dog adventures and caring for special needs pets including; insulin dependent, physically disabled, blind and anxious/fearful pets.

" Naomi was kind, caring, affectionate with my dogs and professional. I know they will be in good hands when I am away "

J. Miller, Lancaster, PA


Dog Walking and Pet sitting

Dog Adventures

" I've loved spending time making connections with pets on a daily basis, which is something that's been especially meaningful to me throughout my life. I consider it a great honor to serve and work with animals, and it brings me such joy seeing them in their element.  " - Seth

Seth came on board in March 2019. After seeing his natural ability with dogs, Naomi trained him to take pups on adventures. He is sympathetic towards pets needs and considerate of their experience. He has a thirst for knowledge, asks great questions and after training with Naomi Seth's confidence grew. He has undertaken successful adventures independently and has been building wonderful relationships with the pets, even helping some overcome a fear of men.

"  Awwwhhhh so happy! Thank you for taking such good care of our boy ❤️ "

H. Hale. Lancaster, Pa


Dog walks and Pet sitting

" It is refreshing to work with others who have the same affection for our four legged charges; I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend with my pup/kitty friends and there is nothing better in this world than wet noses!  " - Kelly

Kelly has been pet sitting for OUADT since July 2017. Kelly has a longstanding career in professional care and her kind, nurturing personality made her a huge hit with pets and staff alike. Kelly takes on most of the overnight visits and the pets just loving the extended company and cuddle time she provides.

" I love the peace of mind of knowing our precious pups are loved while we are away"

D. Keys, Lancaster PA


Dog Walking and Pet sitting

" I enjoy working with so many different furry faces and the joys and challenges they may bring on any given day  " - Arielle

Arielle has been with OUADT since February 2018. Arielle was already experienced in rally and obedience and has since gone on to train her own dog, Mavis in public access and tasks training en route to becoming a service dog. Arielle is patient with shy or nervous dogs and is always sympathetic to their complex needs; giving them the time and space they need to feel comfortable. Our shy friends always appreciate her care and understanding.

" Max loves his walks with Arielle and is always pleasantly tired afterwards, which is the perfect k9 state of being!"

J. Cole Lititz, PA


Dog Walking and Pet sitting

" I enjoy the ability to give the pet owners peace of mind while they are at work or vacationing, feeling confident and reassured that their pets are getting the same care they would give. I am so lucky to be part of a team of such dedicated professionals!  " - Elisa

Elisa came to OUADT in July 2018, already experienced in dog walking and pet sitting. And it showed in her confidence and ability with the pets. Our clients love Elisa's attention to detail and the pets feel like they are having a vacation of their own when in her care.

"Elisa was wonderful! She was very helpful and cared for Charlee greatly"

A. Brader, Lititz PA


Dog walking and Pet sitting

" Since working for OUADT I've learned new skills, as well as love and patience and so much more!  " - Rebecca

Rebecca joined the team in January 2019. She had experience in caring for her own pets and has been keen to expand her knowledge and learn from senior members of staff. She takes care to work with precision and give the pets the best possible love and care.

" I loved your pictures!"

K. Stauffer, Roherstown Pa


Dog walking and Pet sitting

" It is so heartwarming to see how excited pets get when I walk through the door. Their loving personalities brighten my day!  " - Robin

Robin became a team member in March 2019. She was experienced in professional care and this showed in her caring nature and enthusiasm for making pets happy! She has successfully completed training and is now doing a fantastic job when visiting pets independently, making the effort to get to know each pet individually and tend to their unique needs.

" Good thorough service & report plus nice pictures"

E. Cole. Lancaster, Pa


Dog walking and Pet sitting

Tom joined the pack in May 2019. Not only is he your pets' new best friend, he also is a writer who has written a lot about animal welfare issues in Pennsylvania. His work in recent years surrounding the neglected puppy Libre, rescued from a farm in southern Lancaster County, led to a package of new laws to protect animals in the state. He currently writes for several freelance outlets in addition to caring for your cats and dogs, which lets him stay connected to the animals he loves while getting him out in the fresh air!


Dog walking and Pet sitting

I have been an animal lover since I was a child. I have found that animals are compassionate and loving " - Abby

Abby joined us in July 2019 with plenty of prior animal care experience. She was a quick learner throughout our rigorous training program, truly a natural! The pets find her kind spirit very welcoming and we expect great things as she get to know them better with each visit.