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Adventure Services

Take a Walk on the Wild Side! These services are great for active, social, curious dogs with Adventure seeking owners. Check out more descriptions below.

Do you have questions? Read about Adventures Services Here.

Welcome to Adventure Services


Welcome to the wonderful world of Dog Adventures! We are dedicated to your dogs’ happiness and well-being!


Adventure Services provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize, exercise and enhance basic obedience and manners, in the real world and in a pack setting. Dog care and training should be an adventure

Dogs and Adventure go together like peanut butter and fluffernutter. We absolutely know and have experienced the joy that these type of services bring into our furry and human client's lives. This is our ultimate goal.

What are Dog Adventures?


Dog Adventure Services are, Trail Hikes, Off-Leash Adventure, Buddy Walks, Play Dates and Dog Park Visits. Each dog is picked up at their homes and chauffeured to their tail waggin journey. The times of services will vary depending on locations, travel, weather, need, etc., however, it will always be at least an hour away from home.


These services are for friendly, well-behaved dogs, who like car rides also. Adventure Services are for confident dogs who like seeing a dog or two, love to run, play and/or take a walk outside with a friend. These services are also good for dogs who find traditional dog daycare setting to be too overwhelming.

What makes Dog Adventures so special and different?


We know that obedience and rules are necessary in life and to stay safe, however, we have never been a big fan of being rigid with our animal friends and treating them like robots. We embrace their unique personalities and want them to thrive, just like a human kid needs to. We base our training on the dogs emotions first. We want them to have as much fun as possible, while also being able to regulate a calm when needed.


Your Adventure Leader will have a comfortable number of dogs in their pack, making the experience for your dog intimate and enjoyable. We intend to create bonds between the dogs, making interactions more predictable, comfortable and safe. Your Adventure Leader has an "interview process" for your dog to ensure each dog has good obedience and a friendly demeanor toward people and dogs. We want your dog to be playing with other friendly and obedient dogs.


Your Adventure Leader has chosen dogs that are suitable for Dog Adventures and has a plan in place for problems that may occur. Your dog's basic obedience will be strengthened along the way to help build their self-control. Teaching your dog how to regulate their emotions is the foundation for good behavior out on the trail and in any social setting. Most dogs must learn new rules out on their Adventures and we understand that can at first be difficult for them to follow and for some, impossible at first. Your Adventure Leader will be providing a friendly environment to walk, play and release energy while helping them learn self-regulation skills through pack walks, sit stays, down stays, recalls, calm play with people and other dogs, getting out of the house calmly and getting into the car calmly.


The biggest difference between a traditional dog daycare and Dog Adventures is that they will have real world distractions. Distractions can be unpredictable and your Adventure Leader needs to make sure your dog is as predictable as possible to make everyone’s experience pleasant including the public.

We encourage you to try our techniques at home to influence good Adventure behaviors when they are out with us. These are some of the techniques we work on during our



  1. Use the word, “sit” before leaving the house. Have them sit while you open the door. Say, “ok” when they are allowed to head out with you. This encourages them to not rush out the door, and allows YOU to be in control.

  2. Do the same as above when getting into AND out of the car. This will reinforce good behavior that we need for Adventures.

  3. If you go out on a hike, use their names to recall them and marker word, ‘yes’ when they show any signs they are listening or coming back to you. Treat them when they do. Practice this throughout your hike so it strengthens their recall.

  4. At home, you can also use their names to recall and ‘yes’ as marker word (ex: if they are out in yard and you want them to come in).

  5. Make sure to reward them with something of high value to them. We love when our doggy friends are food motivated and can use treats. We recommend Happy Howie's turkey rolls to cut up into small bite size treats.



Once Upon a Dog Tail Adventure Policies

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancel within 24 hours prior to services to avoid full payment.


Once Upon a Dog Tail personnel may enter your home for the purpose of picking up/returning your pet and to transport your pet by car



  • Your dog must pass the initial meeting and temperament test. Your dog will have an initial meet-n-greet with one of our staff prior to acceptance into the pack.

  • Your dog must be at least 6 months of age.

  • Your dog must be able to sit with verbal command or hand cue.

  • Your dog must be social with other dogs

  • Your dog must have no history of dog bites to humans or other dogs

  • A collar that closes tight (martingale preferred). 

  • A harness that fits appropriately

  • Name tag or collar with owner’s name and number

  • Dogs should be spayed and/or neutered

  • Dogs must be free of worms and parasites.

  • Dogs must be treated regularly for fleas and tick protection.

  • Your dog should be in good health. Please notify us if your dog has any medical conditions or special needs.  Any changes in your dog’s health, any injuries and/or behavioral changes must be reported to us immediately.

  • Up to date on shots including  DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella.

  • Nails Trimmed (recommended so they don’t split their nails in Adventure)

  • Towel at door

  • Orange safety vest if they have it

  • Appropriate winter gear if needed


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